Arrangements for 2017/2018

All Houses have to be booked through Bardsey Island Trust.

Chaplaincy on Bardsey

If you would like to serve as Chaplain on Bardsey please apply to Pam Hollinshead at for information and an application form.


• Many of you have made the journey across the Sound to Enlli. To the island of 20,000 saints. To the place of holy pilgrimage where in the 14th Century, 3 visits would have been regarded as equivalent to 1 visit to Jerusalem.

• So today, whether they have travelled for holiday, for retreat or just for the day, all visitors are still making their pilgrimage to this holy isle.

• If you have never been or would like to visit again, then maybe 2017/2018 is the year!

• All visitors planning a day visit are advised that weather conditions can sometimes prevent the boat sailing on the day, so we recommend that you build into your travel plans some flexibility as to which day you hope to go the island.

Seal Sermons

The wildness of God came to play with me today.
Calling me to face the fear of deep places.
Guiding me over my can't do's and into my can do's
Face to face with the wildness of God I was strangely silent,
so deep was the understanding between us, words were reduntant.
So many words blown by wind and wave into silence.
I am out of my element and out of my depth below me another silent world
In this thin place between heaven and earth I wait, suspended
until I find myself held in a curious unapologetic gaze.
I am bobbing on the surface, caught in the moment, I stare in wonder but with a splash of a tail I am invited to dive out of my element and into theirs;
where silently they move with such eloquence and speak to me of a God who calls us into his presence by leaving our element and entering his.
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